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elf name generator easy to use!

Thanks for choosing this elf name generator ! As you already know, elves, supernatural creatures with pointy leaf shaped ears, appear in variety of video games, fantasy movies books. And of course, the popularity of RPG’s that feature elvish characters is one of the main reasons we started developing this system. We have heard thousands of complaints from gamers who cannot come up with realistic names for their elven characters. Now that this elf name generator is available on the internet for the free use, I am hoping to here less of those.

Here is another thing that has always bothered me. I know that it is difficult to come up with one cool name, so how about all the writers who have to create tens of them? How much time these poor artist spend dealing with this annoying task? You know what, I don’t really need to know the exact answer to this question. Even ten minutes would be too much of a torture and for some reason I do not doubt that they spend much more. Again, I hope that with a help of this elf name generator writers will save incredible amounts of time. For more info click this.

Are you also a writer? In case you are, here is a tip that will help you create the most inspiring elvish characters: don’t be afraid to experiment. There is no one right way to portray an elf and basically you can ascribe him any feature you can think of. Just think about Legolas and all his crazy characteristics, as well as superpowers.